Singer/songwriter, Megan V. (Megan Buckley) was born in April 1992 (26 years old). She grew up in a small town just north of Boston, Ma. but moved around the state beginning at a young age. Megan is an R&b artist at heart, but has expanded into hip-hop, EDM, and pop music. 

Megan V. Is currently in the process of releasing a whole project of work, including singles and music videos. She’s known by many as “the model who can sing” but she’s quickly becoming a bigger musical influence. 

Megan was introduced to alternative rock by her parents, more directly her father who was a singer and guitarist in a band called “Bucu Deloris”. She listened to bands such as Gin Blossoms and Red Hot Chili Peppers, but by the age of 10, she was intensely connected to r&b music. Megan had a difficult up bringing, with both of her parents being divorced and addicted to alcohol, so she continued on in life with music always in the back of her mind. She attended college and achieved a bachelors degree in biology, and even began her medical career after graduation, however her dream of becoming a singer started to resonate even stronger as she went deeper into her career. Megan decided at the age of 23 that she would leave her educational accomplishments behind, and tackle her dream of becoming a singer with full force, and she didn’t turn back.


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